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As a photographer of horses...I am always running across images that I have taken that don't work for me as photographs, but I think could make wonderful inspiration for other Equine artists. So I have started this blog as a place to post these images and see if there are any of you out there wanting to take on the challenge. All of these are open to your own interpretation and be aware that others are free to use the images as well. there is no time limit on the challenge. I only ask that you give me photo credit if you decide to show or sell the work you have created, and I would love to see them as well. I would be happy to post jpegs of the work you do here on the blog with the reference photo in a new post. This way we all get to share in your vision. If you need a larger jpeg emailed to you contact me and I will send you one.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Paintings by Ruth Andre - using images from my first post

These are paintings done by Ruth Andre, http://ruthandre.com/, and featured on her "A Painting Day" blog. http://apaintingday.blogspot.com/ They were done from the first challenge post here. She has done one more that I will post when I get the jpeg of it.
I have seen some that were also done of these images, by Kim Santini and will post when I get them. Anyone else who has done a piece from any of the images on this blog...let me know and I will post them and a link to your website too.

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